Coming Events

Coming Events

The MCUA members support all kinds of cannabis awareness raising events. Here is where you will be able to stay tuned to the event calendar so as not to miss an event near you. This link is updated regularly with nation wide happenings .. if you are organising an event please contact this page owners at this link The MCUA itself organises events from time to time and these will be updated here. The next event for the MCUA calendar will be our first Annual General Meeting to elect our first management committee. This will be an online event set down for 10th September 2016. All registered members are invited to take part either online or in person at the physical meeting which will be held on the Gold Coast. Nominations have been trickling in and we thank those who have taken the time to consider a position and put their hand up for more formal engagement in the activities of the MCUA of Australia Inc.


The medican workshops are designed by a local (Guru) who has taught most of the leading medicinal cannabis tincture and C.O. producers in this country. Each workshop has the similar format with a new list of respected guest speakers. We are all about sharing knowledge. The first two workshops proved very informative for members of the public who are now hearing more about the medical benefits of cannabis. The workshops also provided much information about the best methods of producing cannabis preparations and great Q & A sessions. For genuine people to learn the best methods of production. To make safe, effective, reliable tinctures and C.O. Get the best advice, tips and knowledge. Q & A session. Meet & greet the speakers! Meet others that want to produce a product that actually heals and cures. Entry by donation. Learning and sharing is one of our most valuable assets... FREE KNOWLEDGE. Bring the patient's (if they aren't yourself) so they can see how things work in person. There will be cameras and many mics, so please turn you mobile phones off, silent is no good because rf signal (that noise you sometimes hear from your car stereo when you are about to receive a call.) can be picked up by some mics. IF it's essential for you to have it on, please ask at the door for a "safe from interference seat." If you must take pics. PLEASE use a camera. NOT a mobile phone.

#EnoughisEnough Canberra Rally - 7th February, Parliament House Canberra.

We asked the government for medicinal cannabis.
They give us pharmaceutical cannabis.
We asked for amnesty for users and their providers while they sort out their framework and regulations.
They cracked down and busted several of our key compassionate providers and increased the penalties for illegal dispensing We asked if our kids can have their medicine in hospitals and schools..
They refuse to allow it and report parents to DoCs and prosecute parents of sick and dying children.
We asked for ease of access to affordable medicine
They give us a bureaucratic nightmare that makes impossible financial demands on those who can least a ford it but need it the most; and lengthy delays in the dispensing and importing process.
We ask our doctors for prescription under their new regulations
They refuse to write them - no skills, no knowledge, too much paperwork they cry
All of our pleas for access have fallen on deaf ears. Enough is enough!
We KNOW and they KNOW that cannabis is safe! It is time they put #patientsbeforeprofits #peoplebeforeprofits and #stoptheraids on our providers. #compassionisnotacrime and we want the laws to reflect the collective opinion of the majority of Australians.
This cruel raid on Jenny Hallam has been the catalyst.
I URGE you to be a part of this proposed show of people power by joining us in Canberra on 7th Feb to stand united - no matter what your reason for using cannabis may be - to send a message to the govt that its time to listen to the people and #changethelaw
We have asked politely and we are finished with begging. We want cannabis FULLY LEGALISED FOR ALL ITS USES ... and until that request is met #wewilldefy in bigger numbers
We have declared WAR on the WAR on Cannabis and only by standing together will we WIN the WAR.
Pharmaceutical cannabis is not cannabis medicine .. and the only way we can get our hands on the real thing is to push for FULL LEGALISATION .. and we have to make this the ultimate goal because this is the ONLY way we will get amnesty for patients; freedom for growers to grow; providers to make medicine and give personal users a safer social alternative - all without the threat of prosecution for victimless crime.
I know there is a lot of "snobbery" in the movement that divides supporters for medical use and those who use it socially. THE ONLY WAY we will all get what we want is to put our differences aside and GO FOR BROKE .. UNITED IN OUR PUSH ..

#EnoughisEnough - 14th February, Parliament House, Brisbane

#EnoughisEnough - 16th February, Supreme Court Gardens - Perth

#EnoughisEnough - 21st February, Parliament House, Sydney

#EnoughisEnough - 21st February, Parliament House, Victoria

#EnoughisEnough - 4th March River Torrens

MAY 5, 2017 - Nimbin MardiGrass

Cannabis law reform rally and gathering Friday 5 May April ~ Sunday 7 May 2017 HEMP Olympix - Joint Rolling, Bong Throw & Yell, Growers Iron Person - Five Stages - Sativa Stadium - Indica Arena HEMPOSIUM - Medican Tent - Farmers Plot - CannaQUIZ - Weed Laughs - Kombi Konvoy - Pickers Ball - Harvest Ball - Pot Art, Pot Poetry, POLITE, Ganja Faeries, BIG JOINT - Green Cabaret -

MAY 27, 2017 Sydney Hemp Health & Innovation Expo 2017.

The Hemp Health & Innovation Expo is returning to Sydney for 2017 with the Medicinal Cannabis Symposium, and it's going to be huge! Invite your friends, share it to your social media accounts, blogs etc. and help ensure no one misses out in 2017. We'll see you all there!