Mission Statement

MCUA of Australia Inc. - Our Mission Statement:

The MCUA of Australia Incorporated has been established to provide Australians a collective voice to challenge outdated opinions and attitudes concerning the Cannabis plant, and to educate and inform policy-makers of the abundant existent scientific evidence that the cannabis plant has proven medicinal and therapeutic value, as well as nutritional and dietary supplemental benefits.
We ultimately seek cannabis law reform throughout Australia and our activities are focused on lobbying Australian governments at all levels and all sides of politics to that end.

Our aims are:

1. To collect and distribute information about the benefits of medicinal cannabis treatments, specifically that they provide other OPTIONS, as opposed to conventional pharmaceuticals, for the treatment of many human ailments, diseases and illnesses, and that they can offer better patient outcomes in terms of less side-effects and an attendant better quality of life.
2. To educate Australians about the benefits of consuming fresh “raw” cannabis and organically grown hemp seed foods, and to publicly propagate the reasons why they should be included in a healthy diet to prevent illnesses and relieve their symptoms.
3. To advocate for safe, reliable, compassionate, and uninterrupted supply options for people who are in need, NOW.
4. To lobby for cannabis law reform throughout Australia that allows the lawful use of cannabis and its derivatives. Our goal is to obtain legal access to fresh Cannabis and access to safe cannabis manufactured products - at affordable prices - for the greatest number of people who may benefit - sooner rather than later - by utilising the knowledge bank and personal experience that already exists here in Australia and internationally.
5. To propagate the view the medicinal cannabis treatment can be delivered safely and most effectively through compassionate cooperatives that produce and distribute medicinal cannabis products on a not-for-profit-basis

We believe:

  • that organically grown cannabis is the most beneficial and nutritious food on the planet and that everyone should have affordable access to organically grown cannabis based foods and therapies;
  • all Cannabis use is therapeutic and that the entourage effect of whole plant extracts is VITAL to the healing properties of Cannabis when used medicinally;
  • that cannabis should be de scheduled and re classified as a botanical ingredient in complimentary medicine;
  • it is our constitutional, health and human right to grow cannabis for preventative and curative measures as we see fit;
  • that plant based herbal cannabis causes less harm to society than legal and pharmaceutical drugs;
  • Cannabis Law Reform is well overdue and patients and carers who are using home grow methods now, should be exempt from prosecution under the Drug Laws of each state or territory if medical use can be proven.
  • We support

  • Whole plant botanical products only;
  • The right to home grow and share produce with other patients through a (legal /licensed/approved) Co-op Model;
  • Research, education, advocacy and the rights of all consumers to make personal choice;
  • We support rigorous testing of extracts through provision of a public testing facility to alert patients and minimise harms from solvents and growth promoters used in cultivation or manufacture;
  • The Hemp Industry for food, fuel, fabric, plastics but NOT for medicine
  • We do not support

  • the exclusive use of / or access to only pharmaceutical grade cannabinoid isolates or any other synthetically manufactured compounds masquerading as cannabis medicine;
  • any businesses or companies that advertise online and professes to sell safe, legal and cost effective medicines – especially cbd only – which is currently classed (by internationally based companies) as a dietary supplement but classified as S4 requiring a precription by a doctor and importation through the TGA in Australia.
  • the hypothesis that “home grown medicine is dangerous or harmful because we don’t know exactly what is in it”. Home growing eliminates these worries. Plants can be grown from stable seed stock in consistent ratios and we know exactly which extraction methods and growth promoters have been used.