MCUA of Australia Inc. - 2016/17 Committee

Our hardworking Team!

President - Gail Hester

My background is in nursing. I studied to become a general trained nurse in the hospital system in the early 70s and worked as an RN for 10 yrs specialising in surgical nursing. I started studying nursing re entry thru CQU in 2005 after leaving nursing to run a farm and have a family. I discovered that nursing was a very different world to the one i left and the health system was in poor shape, not where i wanted to be.

In 2007 my daughter Sarah, aged 20, was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer. They told us there was no hope for her and that chemotherapy would make her “comfortable”. She began a course of intensive, hard hitting chemotherapy every 2 weeks and volunteered for a drug “trial” that she believed may help others in the future. She died 15 months later – as far from being comfortable, as one could get.

It wasn't until several years later I found out about the medicinal effects of cannabis and how it had anti cancer properties. I was inspired to research further by a man I met who had used cannabis oil to cure his liver cancer. He is now cancer free because he defied their diagnosis and the law. He gives hope to others. Without hope we had nothing.

Since then I have heard many more similar stories. This is why I have made it my life purpose to spread the truth about Cannabis.

After the airing of the Dan Haslam story in June 2014, when 2.8 million people responded to a poll that showed 96% of the population were in favour of legalising cannabis, I knew something had to be done to give these people a voice.

So with the help and encouragement of the Australian HEMP Party - who created the facebook group for me - the MCUA was born. The group has since grown to reach the incredible milestone of over 11,000 Aussie face book members and is now an Incorporated Association. It has become Sarah's legacy and I will fight to my last breath to make sure the laws are changed to give unfettered, legal access to the healing, relieving and preventative properties of whole plant Cannabis as food and medicine.

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Vice President - Heather Marie Gladman

No parent/carer should have to be faced with the choice of breaking the law or healing their loved one..

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Vice President - Deborah Camacho

My journey with Cannabis started in 2014 after learning it was a far superior and safer alternative to anticonvulsant medications for my daughter's intractable epilepsy (Dravet syndrome). Her doctor was informed and gave me an unofficial ok to try it.Since starting full plant oil she has improved dramatically and is off nearly all of the pharmaceutical medications she was prescribed. She has tried and failed 18 different anticonvulsants since 10 months of age, all of which made her seizures worse and caused severe side effects.
In my spare time I offer support to a network of parents across Australia who treat their children with Cannabis oil.

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Treasurer - Tony Hopkins

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Secretary - Deb Lynch

First and foremost I am a patient who needs Whole Plant Cannabis available for my treatment, although I have worked in Healthcare my whole life. Medical Receptionist, then Phlebotomist and Pathology Lab assistant, progressing on to After Hours Lab Manager. Finally, returning to Phlebotomy in both Public & Private Hospitals.

Smoking is necessary to control the PTSD for which I've been medicated, since the 1970's. A spinal injury and subsequent surgery in 1988, introduced me to Smoking Cannabis to relieve pain & muscle spasming and for 4 1/2 years now I have required no anti-depressants as an added advantage. No anti-anxiety medications nor anti-psychotics. I now realise these chemical concoctions were actually exacerbating my PTSD, not treating it. I was also able to stop taking Rohypnol, prescribed to help me sleep through the back pain, but were in fact addictive and toxic. When 2 tablets each night still weren't enough for me to sleep, I decided to stop. Cannabis helped me to wean from Rohypnol, without any withdrawal symptoms.

A 2 pack a day smoking habit, ended in 2000, using Cannabis.

When I developed a chronic auto-immune disease in Scleroderma and I had exhausted all treatment options, had ulcers on my fingertips which went to the bone, neuropathic pain in feet and hands, oesophageal spasming so severe I had not been able to swallow solid food for almost 2 years and survived on fluids, Raynaud's Flaring cutting off circulation to hands and feet and the ensuing nerve damage each time. I could take no more.

Lupus & Sjogren's were then thrown in the mix, more auto-immune conditions.

Painkillers were my only recourse, but these affect me, in quite an extreme way psychologically and do little for pain relief. Quite a lot to deny me any desire or ability to live

I was unable to treat my cancer with Cannabis, as it was 5 months after the ultrasound showing the suspected tumour before I was advised. By that time, the tumour had taken up the top third of my kidney and a nephrectomy was necessary

I now require Cannabis, in both its Raw forms, as a diet essential & preventative for any future cancers, complications of my systemic (connective tissue) auto-immune disease or other diseases which could occur. Also hempseed, which I believe has reversed Sclerodactyly in two then useless fingers, Cannabis Oil to ingest and Cannabis infused ointment for the skin lesions which accompany this disease. My fingers are straight again. My symptoms relieved. My disease stable.

I have no choice in this. I need the specific strains and ratios which successfully treat ALL of my medical conditions.

Fighting for Cannabis access is, fighting for my life and my quality of life. My basic HUMAN RIGHT of effective Healthcare. Healthcare which I can AFFORD and is available for my needs, when it is required.
#wewilldefy #patientsbeforeprofits #compassionisnotacrime

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Assistant Secretary - Ingrid Weber

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Fund-raising Co-ordinator - Karen Samson

My name is Karen, and I live on the Sunshine Coast. I have three grown children and two gorgeous grandchildren.
In 2013, I had to stop working due to health issues. I had injured my shoulders and later found out that I had fibromyalgia.
In late 2015, and again six weeks later, in early 2016, I was raided by the police. I had a breakdown from the trauma it caused me, as I already struggled with anxiety and depression. I now have over 200 hours of community service to do, and I have a criminal conviction.
I believe that if a law is unjust and morally wrong, then it is an obligation to break it.
I am committed to helping not only myself, but others, in this fight for justice and the right to choose a safe and natural medicine..

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Assistant Fund-raising Co-ordinator - Anne Krestensen

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Assistant Fund-raising Co-ordinator - Kylie Akers

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Education Co-ordinator - Belinda Doonar
Cannabis is good for everybody and for me it would help with anxiety I have developed which is the major feature of PTSD I developed after a workplace injury suspended my nursing career in 2010.
On my journey I engaged in the cannabis debate to assist my sister who was struggling to keep her daughter alive. My niece has Dravet syndrome – which features chronic, malignant, drug resistant seizures of all types. It was awful to see a small child suffer such devastating seizures and each time she suffered one she would regress even further in cognitive function and mobility.
The drugs her specialist ordered her to take were having a huge effect on her behaviour, sometimes striking out in fits of rage and psychotic episodes which have left her family all suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD as they do not know when the next episode will occur or if the next seizure would take her life. Prescription pharmaceuticals ordered for her were not stopping the seizures.

So, you might ask, why did I join the MCUA as an Education Co-ordinator? At first do no harm is a mandate set forward for all health care professionals and I live by those words, live and breathe the ethos and moving forward will continue to support those who are looking for assistance where the current health care system has failed them.
Prescription Pills do not heal the underlying unhealthy positions of individuals, they only mask the symptoms and in some instances cause great harm. This was the case with my niece and the case with others who contact me. Cannabis treats the underlying causes of disease and medical conditions and has a very broad therapeutic value effectively assisting and reconditioning the endocannabinoid system responsible for homeostasis. Once a therapeutic level is achieved the individuals immune and nervous system functions effectively and disease fails to progress returning individuals to good health.
I want to improve my knowledge of cannabinoid medicines and working with Medical Cannabis Users Association Australia as an Education Co-ordinator I hope to gain further insight into the amazing therapeutic value this plant provides. I encourage all health care professionals to do the same and the TMCI online cannabinoid medicine courses for doctors, nurses and pharmacists is the best place to start.

Please check out the education section and start the course today. You will gain in knowledge and earn points towards your compulsory education development while investigating the science of cannabinoid therapeutics.

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Assistant Education Co-ordinator - Debbi Cliff

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Media Co-ordinator - Fred Fotis

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Assistant Media Co-ordinator - Gordon Rowland

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Social Media Co-rdinator - Alastair Risley

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Events Co-ordinator - TBA

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Membership Co-ordinator - Lorna Brenmer

"I was born and raised in Colorado, and have seen the incredible transformation that ending the Cannabis prohibition has had on my home and family - as Australia has become my home for the last 9 years, and will be my home far into the future, I want to ensure the same freedoms are returned to our people here.

I use Cannabis to enhance many aspects of my life - from pain relief due to high intensity martial arts training, and breakthroughs in creativity - but I first discovered the therapeutic benefits of Cannabis when I ran out of options for treating a medically inexplicable variant of epilepsy (or something like epilepsy, because it wouldn't be inexplicable if we could explain it!).

I believe that we have a sovereign right to our own bodies, health, and consciousness and the prohibition of a plant that can provide so much relief is a crime against humanity."

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Website Manager - Deb Lynch

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