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The MCUA of Australia Inc is a not for profit, patient oriented organisation that has been working since 2014 to raise awareness about the health benefits of cannabis; to expose the high patient demand that already exists within our society and to lobby our politicians about the need for law reform in this area.

Giving in to public demands in 2016, changes were made to the Narcotics Act to “accommodate” legal access to the medicinal use of cannabis. Unfortunately, these hasty and ill-considered changes were made without patient consultation and left us with a heavily regulated pharmaceutical model which uses expensive, imported, cannabis based products available only via the Special Access Scheme (SAS) to those who “qualify”. As a result of the current situation, access has become a “post code lottery”.

Thousands of patients have been forced to access medicine via the black market and/or to grow their own and thus run the risk of prosecution.

This back door Prohibition continues to harm good people. We need a system that will not discriminate against sick, dying, disabled and socially disadvantaged people in this way.

The current model has failed the greater majority of patients because it was designed with the sole intent of creating an export market that would make Australia a “leading contender” in the potentially billion dollar industry that has been sweeping the globe.

MCUA believes in the following principles:

Affordable Access

Organically grown cannabis is the most beneficial and nutritious food on the planet. Everyone should have affordable access to organically grown cannabis based foods and therapies.

Therapeutic Benefits

All Cannabis use is therapeutic and that the entourage effect of whole plant extracts is VITAL to the healing properties of Cannabis when used medicinally.


Cannabis should be de scheduled and re classified as a botanical ingredient in complimentary medicine.

Safe and Beneficial

Plant based herbal cannabis causes less harm to society than legal and pharmaceutical drugs.

Law Reform

Cannabis Law Reform is well overdue and patients and carers who are using home grow methods now, should be exempt from prosecution under the Drug Laws of each state or territory if medical use can be proven.


It is our constitutional, health and human right to grow cannabis for preventative and curative measures as we see fit.

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Excerpt: MCUA, Medical Cannabis Users Association of Australia, and its 12,000+member base suggests that doctors aren’t really necessary for patients toachieve success with medicinal cannabis,

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