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By joining the MCUA of Australia Inc, you will be helping to emass an army of support and send a loud message to the law makers that the Will of the People is being expressed and it is time they listened and acted upon it.

When we had so much interest generated by our facebook group and the MCUA’s following grew to over 10,000 we began to feel quite vulnerable, as facebook has been known to shut down cannabis related groups overnight without warning. When they shut down our Queensland group, we decided that we needed a safer place where we could grow without fear of losing our support base. So we became a formalised group and applied for incorporation of our association. A steering committee was set up and steps were taken as required and we became a not for profit association.

We are marching forward in our goals to achieve home grow rights for individuals; access to safe regular supply for all who need it and advocating for changes to the drug laws that currently make criminals out of law abiding citizens. We believe prohibition of cannabis is a human and health rights issue that needs to be addressed. These are our goals and aspirations. If you agree and want to help please consider joining today.

As a member, you will be able to nominate for any committee positions at the AGM where you think you could make a contribution to furthering our aims. Membership also enables you to vote at meetings and thus be a part of the decision making process of the Association.

Please complete the Membership payment, then you will be forwarded to the Membership Registration page. Thank you. Membership registration has to be approved by humans. You should receive your password within 7 Days via email