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“QUOTE: THE LIST Granny Storm Crow’s List – July 2016
“If the truth won’t do, then something is wrong!”

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The first section of the List is links to news articles, so you won’t need a PhD to use the List. Reading a news article about something first really makes understanding the actual medical study much easier!
The first studies section is devoted to the more recent medical studies and articles from 2010 to the beginning of August 2016. The older studies go into detail about some of the basics (storage of Cannabis, effects on hormone levels etc). The older studies also tend to be easier to understand, so they are a good place to begin your education.
And take your Omega 3! It is needed to properly make the CB receptors that the cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) activate to get you “high” and also, more importantly, heal you. You want lots of working CB receptors and not just for the better “high” that daily use of Omega 3 can bring after a month or two!
I hope you enjoy my List! ★Granny★”

Granny Storm Crow’s Mini Dictionary

Containing General information and some definitions to assist you


This impressive list is a collection of clinical studies, papers and reference providing the ultimate resource for medical disorders helped by medical marijuana. For those who are looking for scientific proof of cannabis as medicine, this is a gold mine of research, many right from the government’s own website. And bear in mind that is study is over 3 years old.. there are many more articles that have been published since then. It’s past time for the federal prohibition against this useful plant to end so research can happen without restraint, misery can be alleviated, and lives can be saved.

Understanding Medical Cannabis